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Have your warm-weather plans been a bust so far? Then get some major inspo from these dope tastemakers who have mastered the art of all things summer fly. From the jet-setting stylist who keeps your favorite rappers laced, to the cool-kid actor who starred in an Oscar-winning film, these notables have the season on lock.


Kids of Summer

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The tatted songstress captivated the masses with her debut album SWEETSEXYSAVAGE. Known to turn up during her live performances, the party definitely goes wherever she does. Catch her on tour, while hitting up all the cool spots along the way.


This jetsetter and A$AP Mob member is always up on the next. Follow him for dope music and next level style ventures, like his socially-conscious partnership with Liberian clothing brand UNIFORM.


kids of summer

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Atl-iens signed to Janelle Monae’s Wondaland Records, these two serve major #HAIRGOALS, dreamy tunes and kick-ass style.


“Miami, but [we] also plan to go to Cuba if it’s not too late.”- Alex


“Anything with melon in it, or a mojito.”- Isis

Good Eats:

“Negril Village and Green Sprout in Atlanta”- Isis

Turn-Up Steez:

“Night Parties; because its dark, people are more daring. Plus you get a nice glow when you’re sweating from dancing.”- Isis

Beach Life: 

“The view of the waves and the sky always makes me feel great. I’m a nature girl.” -Alex

Summer High:

“When the sun is out with a slight breeze, I feel really glad to be alive and I feel a drive to treat every day as if it’s my last.” – Alex


kids of summer

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The former model and breakout star of “The New Edition Story” has kept the momentum going since his spot on portrayal of Ronnie Devoe. His newest project, “Tales”–Irv Gotti’s hip-hop anthology series for BET—reunites him with NE co-stars Algee Smith and Woody McClain.


kids of summer

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The Cali native known for her killer sneaker collection and tomboy steez went from Instagram star to sought after stylist, outfitting celebs such as Lil Yachty and Tinashe. Catch her at the best industry events all season long rocking next-level streetwear brands along the way.


Kids of Summer/ Ashton Sanders

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The breakout star of Academy Award-winning film Moonlight has swiftly earned a rep for being a fashion risk-taker and certified cool kid. Follow him for rule-breaking style and all the intel on summer’s hottest parties.

Vacay Life:

Tokyo, Bahamas.


Jack and Coke. Classic. Always fun.

Must-Have Grub:

L.A. street tacos.

Day vs. Night Parties:

Night parties. I’m a vampire.

Crew Love: 

Catch me with Rusk (Isaiah), Emilio and Gray (Imani).

Summer Meaning:

[It] has always represented freedom for me; there’s so much space and opportunity to do so many things.  The best part is the liberation it brings.


Kids of Summer

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The First Lady of Top Dawg Entertainment’s debut album, CTRL is already a team Cassius favorite; this one will definitely remain in heavy rotation for all of those backyard BBQs and day parties.


Kids of Summer/ Chaz French

Source: ThreeSixEight/iOne Creative Services / ThreeSixEight/iOne Creative Services

With successful runs at top festivals like SXSW and Broccoli Fest, the D.C. born artist’s forthcoming project, True Colors–out this Friday– is definitely one to cop.

Signature Drink:

Jameson and Ginger Ale.

Weekend Must:


Good Eats:

Surfside in D.C.

Crew Love:

My summer crew is my year round crew–all my brothers. We’re about 10-15 people deep.

Get Around Via:


Summer Meaning:

[It’s] the true definition of the “turn up!”



Source: Aysia Marotta/iOne Creative Services / Aysia Marotta/iOne Creative Services

Known for her bold green hair, gritty lyrics and kick-ass live performances, the tenacious artist’s sophomore EP, APT 210 debuts July 28th.The trippy video for her single “Ghost” captures the type of fun we hope to have all season long.

Signature Drink:

Coconut mango mojito.

Good Eats:

Crustacean in Beverly Hills, El Puerto in Harlem, Pio Pio in Hells Kitchen.

Day vs. Night Parties:

Night! There’s nothing like summer nights in NYC. It can get really humid during the day. The best is to catch the sunset & party into the remainder of the evening. I prefer to be on a rooftop on a summer night. It’s warm but there’s this perfect breeze that you can’t beat.

Beach Life:

I’ve always had a spiritual connection with the ocean. Saltwater has so many healing properties.

Crew Love:

For personal fun, it’s mostly myself & one other person (my cuz Anna or Shawn). If not them, I’m with the girls I grew up with: Keya, Ally, Dawn, Emani.


Kids of Summer

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The ultimate game-flipper, this Love & Hip Hop star went from pole dancing to landing a Best Female Hip-Hop Artist nomination at this year’s BET Awards. And who hasn’t noticed her dope style transformation? Not bad for a “regular schmegular girl from the Bronx.”


Kids of Summer/ Brandon Jenkins

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This on-air personality, writer, producer and all-around music buff remains in the know and on the scene all year long.

Signature Drink:

For the summer we off those Henny slushies!

Weekend Vibes:

Moving around Brooklyn or the Lower East Side snapping photos.

Good Grub:

Pies & Thighs, Lupe’s East L.A. Kitchen.

Day vs. Night Parties:

I never really adopted the day party wave. It’s always kinda weird being lit at 7pm and ending your day early. I’d rather go out at night when the whole city is partying. Plus if you wild out, it’s somehow more acceptable after dark.

Pool Life:

Give me a pool any day. The beach requires a real commitment. Not to mention that I live in New York City. I’m not trying to hop out the water and have mutant powers.

Get Around Via:

I’m kinda digging this bike wave for the summer. Bout to bring back the BMX with the back pegs.

Summer Meaning:

Meeting new people, doing something different and gaining a new appreciation of self. A new perspective. Cop some white forces. Play your music a little louder. Stay out a little longer. Let the du-rag flap. You know?


Kids of Summer

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Daughter of legendary basketball player Magic Johnson and former star of E!’s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, this fashionista and socialite stays on the party scene rocking the latest designer gear.


Kids of Summer/ Farren Fucci

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Rihanna enlisted the skills of this rule-breaking stylist after falling in love with his eye-catching polyvore looks as well as his colorful instagram and twitter feeds.

Dope Escape:

I’ve been dreaming about traveling to the Maldives.

Summertime Fly:

I live for short shorts! I’m talking above-the-knee shorts with a t-shirt, nice sneakers and sunnies. Favorite brands include K20 USA, Sicko Cartel, Millioneiress, Ground Zero & Atelier New Regime.


Iconika is a new artist that I’ve been working with. I’ve always said that I would like Travis Scott a lot better if he was a girl and I think I’ve found her. Check out her project ‘Indecent Exposure’ on Apple Music, Tidal and/or Soundcloud. She’s next up, no gas.

Style Secret:

Wear looks that easily transition from day to night. Also rock pieces that work for both the coolest and hottest summer days.

Travel Musts:

My phone, some comfortable sneakers and sweatpants. You can wear sweats during any season, imo.


Kids of Summer

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From Moschino to Miu Miu, this badass supermodel stays on the nightlife scene and is known for her signature gap, shaved head and vivacious personality.


Kids of Summer

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Riding the wave of his EP The Manuscript, which released last month, the social activist and Chicago-born talent known for his high level bars is sure set the season on fire with a string of upcoming performances.


Kids of Summer/ Mila J

Source: Maddie Cordoba/iOne Creative Services / Maddie Cordoba/iOne Creative Services

Known for her sexy, yet laid back vibe, the LA native has mastered the art of kicking back, Cali-style.

Favorite Beach:

Venice Beach. You get to people watch and take in all of the street talent.

Summer Uniform:

I live in denim cutoffs.

Lit Party:

The Rehab pool in Vegas  is always crackin’.

Essential Eats:

I love Sky Tacos. All of our taco trucks in LA are great though.

Day vs. Night Parties:

I love day parties. I used to think they were so weird, but now I love it; you can actually see everyone! Also the vibe is better—you can actually have conversation with someone.

Get Around Via:

Motorcycle. I used to live in Long Beach and would bike everywhere.


Kids of Summer/ Sevyn Streeter

Source: Dennis Leupold/ iOne Creative Services / Dennis Leupold/iOne Creative Services

The Florida native’s latest project, Girl Disrupted, which debuted on July 7th, is choc full of easy vibes and turn-up classics.

Beach Crush:

Daytona Beach, FL. You can actually drive your car on the beach, back the car up right up to the ocean, set up camp there and just chill out all day for hours and hours on end.


I’m a sucker for a really good Moscow Mule.


Daisy Dukes, cropped tops and J’s.

Summer Eats:

Flips. Pour some Kool Aid into dixie cups then freeze them. When you take them out to eat they’re like little slushies.

Summer Meaning:

For me, the season represents endless possibilities. You can fly by the seat of your pants and do whatever feels right for the day.

Neva Eva:

Come to parties at the beach without bringing anything; that’s a pet peeve of mine. Bring a case of coronas, bottles of water or chicken. Just don’t show up empty-handed.


Kids of Summer

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These gorgeous twins bring their unique style to every A-list party they’re enlisted to spin. Rocking matte lipstick, midriff-baring tops and the hottest kicks, catch them at the best events of the season.


Kids of Summer

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A professional jetsetter, kid-about-town and runway muse, this influencer remains a permanent fixture on everyone’s best dressed list.


The Caribbean side of Costa Rica because of the monkeys.


A white tee with classic pants.

Weekend Activity:

Jet skiing, shooting guns at the range and shopping.

Good Eats:

Café Gitane and The Mercer in New York.

Day vs. Night Parties:

Neither. Vibes only with the squad.

Grooming Tip:

Invest in mani and pedis.

Beach vs. Pool:

Pool, because you can control the environment and who’s there.


Kids of Summer

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Spinning dope sets around the world, top artists and brands keep this mix master on speed dial. Follow her on IG @kittycash for a sneak peek at the parties she’ll be at.


Kids of Summer/ Young Paris

Source: Niklas Nyman/ iOne Creative Services / Niklas Nyman/ iOne Creative Services

Known for fusing various musical genres from Trap Music to African Drumbeats, this Roc Nation artist is a world traveler who reps his Congolese heritage to the fullest. Catch him front row this week at Mens Fashion Week New York, where he’ll be serving as this year’s Brand Ambassador.


Bequia–it’s a Caribbean island that’s part of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. I love the clear water there and the nonchalant vibe of the people.

Drink of Choice:

A Manhattan. Miss Lily’s and The Soho Grand in New York make great ones.


During warmer months I wear loose, lightweight clothing mixed with colorful accents. Matiere is a really dope brand that I wear. I also love adidas track suits, NMDs and high-end urbanwear that I can easily move around in.

Must-Visit Party:

Everyday People.

Good Eats:

Madiba and Chef Roble’s restaurant Streets in Brooklyn.

Get Around:

I am actually going to get a Vespa to ride around New York.


Kids of Summer

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The Brooklyn bred R&B singer is known for her standout purple locks and spending her downtime with an A-list clique which includes Kylie Jenner, Kehlani and Haley Baldwin.


Watch Team Cassius weigh in on who made the “Kids of Summer” list below, then check out a curated playlist from our tastemakers here.