From the jet-setting stylist who keeps your favorite rappers laced, to the cool-kid actor who starred in an Oscar-winning film, these notables have the season on lock.

We know you’ve got a nasty bucket list for #Summer17. Whether you’re bae-d up or got a roster of baddies to choose from, you’ve probably been thinking about all the ways you want to get it in this season, right? Right. As usual, CASSIUS’ Sex by Location is here to help you ensure there’s some […]

What are you looking for? What are you chasing? Are you who you truly want to be?  Though we often think of Summer as a season for fun and frolic, the increased temperature can also add a little increased pressure for those of us who are looking for fulfillment, clarity, opportunities…something. Beach days and all-night […]

As a child, I never had the guts to run. I was only brave enough to look outside my window, dream and wait for an escape. My bedroom floor was littered with magazines and books—each piece of literature piecing together the life I sketched out for myself in my head. I studied Studio 54, Warhol’s […]

Get folks talking about your skills.

There’s one question that’s more pressing than ever during the summer: “Where the party at?” Look no further, ’cause CASSIUS has got you covered. We’ve teamed up with the good people at lifestyle event powerhouse IDontDoClubs.com to create the list of the best turn-ups kickbacks, and cookouts around the country. Whether you’re looking for functions where you […]

In order to provide the perfect soundtrack for our July cover, CASSIUS consulted with our “Kids of Summer” to find out what records they’ll be using to create vibes this season. The result is a kickback-friendly playlist that brings plenty of summertime heat via an eclectic mix of music from the likes of SZA, Mura […]

Ditch last year's ratty tees and upgrade your warm weather stash just in time for vacay.