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Thursday, July 13

  • Is this wall actually going to happen? President Donald Trump tweeted that the House Appropriations Committee has allocated $1.6 billion to get construction started.
  • The AP tweeted that the Senate Judiciary Committee chairman wants Donald Trump Jr. to testify regarding his involvement in the Russian meddling.

Wednesday, July 12

  • In a new interview with Reuters, President Trump revealed he didn’t know about his son Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer. When asked if he wished Trump Jr. had not taken the meeting, he said “I think many people would have held that meeting.”
  • President Trump defended his son Donald Trump, Jr. as being “open and innocent” during his interview with Fox News, and blasted the current Russia controversy as “the greatest witch hunt in political history.”

Tuesday, July 11

  • Don went on to release his entire email exchange with the Russian emissary on Twitter.
  • Last year a Russian lawyer hit up Trump Jr. letting him know that he had “compromising” information about then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as “part of a Russian government effort” to help the Trump campaign.

Monday, July 10

  • Summer Zervos, an Apprentice contestant from ‘07, claims that a decade ago the now president kissed and groped her in a hotel room. Trump has filed a defamation lawsuit and tried to claim presidential immunity.
  • Russian collusion? Who cares. Getting the Olympics back to Los Angeles is way more important.
  • Outrage began to brew when Trump allowed Ivanka to take his place at a meeting of G20 world leaders. He tweeted that no one would care if Hillary did the same with Chelsea. But it’s not like Chelsea has a degree in international relations from Oxford or anything…