The Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight isn’t going down until August 26 in Las Vegas, but the real battle begins now.

The press conference just happened Tuesday evening, meaning two of the flashiest and ego-filled sport stars of today got a chance to do the one thing they love more than competing— talking sh-t. While the fight is a huge pay-day— so no one really loses— the egos still prevailed at the presser. And as expected, putting McGregor behind a microphone always leads to some else’s temper flaring…

“He’s fucked,” McGregor muttered upon seeing Mayweather.

McGregor didn’t let much time pass before he said he’d not only win, but he’d knock Mayweather out within the first four rounds.

The MMA star even took a shot at his opponent’s current tax troubles and making fun of his attire in front of the estimated audience of 20,000.

“He’s in a f–king track suit, he can’t even afford a suit anymore,” McGregor said.

“He looks good for a seven-figure fighter; he looks good for an eight-figure fighter, but motherfucker, I’m a nine-figure fighter,” Mayweather retorted.

Perhaps the best punch came when Mayweather showed off a nine-figure check, likely from his Manny Pacquiao fight. But 28-year-old McGregor responded with the quick uppercut telling Mayweather it was “for the tax man.”

As it turns out, McGregor let his pinstripe suit do the talking, too…

The jokes at the presser definitely landed. Hopefully the punches will as well come August.