“'Yo, why it take so long for you to pull up on me fam? Crazy…why you say all that stuff about me? What you been doing?’” - Floyd Mayweather reportedly to 50 Cent

Mayweather denied one fan's photo request because he had black paint on his nails; see the video inside.

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Fiddy's insults might give the term "peach fuzz" a whole new meaning.

Floyd Mayweather wants the world, especially Black athletes, to leave Nate Robinson alone.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. retired with 50 wins –27 by knockout– and 0 losses. But now, he’s coming out of retirement to risk his pristine record. Other than a few exhibition matches, the undefeated boxer hasn’t been in a real bout since the August 2017 fight against Conor McGregor which was an easy win and now […]


Floyd Mayweather Jr. may be undefeated and this generation’s best boxer, but there’s one guy who thinks he could’ve taken him down in the ring. And that guy just so happens to be Mike Tyson. The heavyweight champ is 53-years-old now and might not be able to take a hit like he did in the […]