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Carl Riemer, a famous Call of Duty streamer, is wishing he can hit the reset button after doing something idiotic while on-air.


Riemer, a Call of Duty trickshot specialist, earned himself a ban from Twitch after he drunkenly and stupidly thought it would be cool to play around with a fully loaded Glock. In the clip which is spreading like wildfire across the internet, Riemer picks up the gun and screams, “b*tch, say I ain’t got money” while pulling back the slider on the weapon and it accidentally fires taken Riemer by surprise who thought he emptied the gun.

No one was hurt during the act of headassness, but it looks like people will really be able to say Riemer “ain’t got money.” Not only did his bonehead behavior earn him a suspension from Twitch, but he was also kicked out of the esports organization SoaR. In a Tweet, the popular gaming squad said it did not condone Riemer’s actions and removed him from the roster effective immediately.

Riemer has since recorded another video apologizing, and boy does he look very sorry. In the clip he shared to Twitter he stated:

“[SoaR] did what they needed to do because I’m an idiot. I could have hurt somebody, I could have hurt myself, I could have hurt one of my animals – and that’s unforgivable. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I’ve put everything into my Twitch for the last three to four years… and I’ve made this one mistake, and it might ruin everything.”

In a separate video he shared on YouTube, he copped to being “clearly intoxicated” but said that is no excuse because “guns are not a toy.” He also picked up a metal cup that showing where the bullet went through before it bounced into his $1,000 monitor. He closed things out by stating, “If I have to do it so that no-one else does, I guess that works.”

Let this be a lesson to you kids, don’t drink and stream and play with loaded weapons while on-air.