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Back in 2015, a former Spelman student by the name of Maci Peterson created an app that allowed Android users to recall text messages before they were delivered to the intended recipient. Now, iPhone users will be excited to know Apple may be working on an unsend button of its own — and, assuming the rumors are true, the new feature could be here as soon as the next iPhone update rolls out.

From Business Insider:

“Apple is reportedly testing a new feature that would let iPhone owners retract messages sent through iMessage, Apple’s texting service that’s built into the iPhone’s Messages app, according to MacRumors. When a message is retracted, both the sender and recipient would be notified via fine print in the thread, says the report.”

The site goes on to say that the unsend button is just one of many new features Apple is reportedly testing that may arrive in the next major update, iOS 14. Apparently, Apple may have a few new group chat features in mind as well… “Other features Apple is reportedly testing include a typing indicator for group chats — i.e. those little dots you see when someone is typing — as well as a mentions feature for tagging other people in a group message,” Business Insider states.

B.I. notes Apple “typically unveils its new software updates in June and then releases them in the fall.” Stay tuned and let us know if you think an unsend button would come in handy, or nah?