A pple’s annual WWDC event is in the books. The spring announcement usually comes with new hardware and software that will keep Apple loyalists satisfied until the following year. One of the most exciting announcements this year is FaceTime letting you leave messages for people who don’t pick up, sort of like a video version […]

Head inside for details on the latest iOS update.

The multinational tech company is working on a foldable phone with an added feature we weren't expecting.


There’s an old shortcut on the iPhone that could prove very useful in the case of police interaction. It’s called Police, and it’s garnering a lot of attention because of how it can protect you in case of an encounter with police. The evidence gathered by recording could prove critical in the unfortunate event that […]

Apple has decided that it will not continue to fight a class-action lawsuit levied against the company.   The company that Jobs built has agreed to pay $18 million to settle a case that accused the company of purposely “breaking” its popular video calling feature FaceTime on iOS6. The class-action lawsuit argued that the tech […]


Details on the rumored new feature, plus some other cool features Apple is reportedly testing.

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