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The anticipation for Marvel’s Black Panther has reached a fever pitch. And now we get our first look at the all black everything superhero’s official set of wheels.

The Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman, will sport the first-ever Lexus LC 500 in the blockbuster, hitting theaters February 16, 2018. From first glimpse, the luxury car is a sleek midnight blue fit for the night prowler. “Marvel continuously captures audiences through charismatic characters and inspiring stories — the ideal fit for Lexus’ mission to craft amazing, engaging experiences,” Brian Bolain Lexus marketing’s general manager said in a press release. “And the LC’s aggressive styling, high performance and agile handling are a perfect fit for the Black Panther’s quick, cat-like reflexes and superhuman feats. We’re excited to see the duo in action.”

The collaboration between Marvel and Lexus was announced right before the opening of Comic-Con International: San Diego. And this superhero-level team up is being coordinated by Lexus’ multicultural advertising agency, Walton Isaacson.

Lexus also teamed up with Marvel Custom Solutions to debut an original graphic novel. Written by Fabian Nicieza, and with cover illustrations from Scott “Rahzzah” Wilson and Szymon Kudranski, the comic will feature the Lexus 500, and this time, the car will help the Black Panther bring down a notorious villain. Six covers for the novel will be unveiled Friday, July 21 at an exclusive Comic-Con event.

Wait, how long until February 2018? Thanks, Lexus, for holding us over!