NYC Health Government Recommends Masturbation During Coronavirus Lockdown

Source: blackCAT / Getty

Dr. Oz recommended some smash sessions would help alleviate tension during the coronavirus lockdown. Now the NYC Health Department is urging New Yorkers to be safe when getting busy under the sheets.


The NYC government doesn’t want its residents out here going ham in the bedroom during the coronavirus pandemic and recently dropped a strict set of guidelines for New Yorkers to follow over the weekend. Now don’t worry, you can still engage in bedroom Olympics with your lockdown bae, but these guidelines are more for those who tend to be on the wild side with their sexual exploits.

The new guidelines recommend that you have sex with people you are close too but emphasize, “you are your safest sex partner.” So yeah, go ahead and rub one or two out, but make sure you wash your hands before and after you pleasure yourself. Your next safe bet is, of course, your partner, but they can’t be sick and keep that circle small, so if you were out here participating in orgies that need to stop immediately.

As far as oral pleasure, there are some rules for that as well. The guideline says to avoid kissing anyone that is not a part of your circle because COVID-19 can easily be spread through a kiss. Oh, and if you are into butt eating (yes, they went there), you might want to chill on that as well because the virus is found in feces. Condoms and dental dams are highly recommended during oral activities to help reduce contact with saliva or feces.

Oh, and most importantly, wash up before and after sex. D U H. If you want to read the graphic but very informative guidelines for yourself, you can head here.

Remember WASH YO HANDS, practice social distancing and if you’re out here smashing, do so safely.

Photo: blackCAT / Getty