Movie theaters across the country have been on fire since Girls Trip, starring Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish, debuted and crushed all the competition.

In the flick, the ladies decide to revive their friendship with a girls’ trip to Essence Fest in New Orleans and get into tons of raunchy fun. While the annual event is definitely a place to run into crews of women looking for a good time, it’s not the only place to create memories.

Check out these other cool locales that are sure to make the hunt for bae a hot one.

1 Croatia

It might seem like an unlikely destination for a girls’ getaway (unless you’re a Game of Thrones fan), but Croatia is actually one of the best places to check out during the summer if you’re on a bae watch. So where exactly can you find your very own Michelle Obama? Yacht Week of course! For seven days you will sail to some of the most beautiful islands in the country alongside boats filled with women looking to party and turn up in their best (and skimpiest) swimwear. The flight might be long, but the payoff is worth it. These women don’t tend to see many men at Yacht Week, especially not men of color, so it’ll be easy for you to score a win as soon as you step off the plane.

2 Trinidad

Women love planning trips to this Caribbean country. Why? Because it is home to the ultimate turn up—carnival. There’s no better way to let loose than on a tropical island, half naked in sexy and colorful costumes that show off those #gymgoals…and let’s not forget all the drinking and feteing from sun up to sundown for an entire week straight. New to the carnival scene and not sure how to get to paradise? Join the TNT Carnival Jumpers group on Facebook to get a sneak peek at the scene. Remember, in order to be a hit with the ladies you must make sure you can go all night, partying that is. Stamina counts in Trini and the man that who falls asleep first, loses.

3 Miami

By now you should be sensing a theme, women love traveling to hot places. Miami is always good for a quick girls’ getaway, and even though any time is a good time to find cuties catching a tan on South Beach. Women particularly flock to Miami’s beaches to take advantage of three-day weekends (the PTO struggle is real). Keep your eyes glued to The Flight Deal or jetBlue for sales around long weekends.

4 Colombia

Scoring a win on this destination is really going to test your skills. Colombia has long been known as a man’s getaway when looking for local women. Even though this vibrant city is a new hotspot for girlfriend getaways, they’re not expecting to meet any men looking for them. So how do you snag yourself a queen? Instead of hanging in the clubs, do the touristy things they’re likely to do in the country. Grab your wingman and book a package to Cartagena with Innclusive Travel (their trips are dope and full of single women) where you’ll be surrounded by curious ladies as they take walking tours, snorkel and soak up the culture of the city. You’ll automatically score points for coming to Colombia to use your big head and not the little one.

5 Thailand

If you can’t tell from your Instagram feed, let me be the one to inform you that women love girls trips to Thailand. Check out our handy guide to the hotspots, get your Baht up and then head to any place in the country where there’s elephants to ride, tigers to pet and a beach perfect for IG worthy formation photos. Women love a helpful, fearless man, so infiltrate the squad by offering to innocently help them take their synchronized photos or playing the fearless hero when they’re scared to pet Simba at the tiger sanctuary. For bonus points, offer to buy your lady of choice and her crew a round of drinks if they meet you at a rooftop lounge later. Nothing like winning over the crew to help you seal the deal.

6 Mexico


Much like Miami, Mexico will always be at the top of the list when it comes to girls trips, which means it’s always somewhere you need to be. Avoid Cancun and opt for making Playa del Carmen your headquarters. It’s where the ladies head to because it’s not that touristy, but still close to the action. The annual Mi Casa Holiday event in Playa is a great time of year to meet women in the country. Mi Casa is a week full of beach fun, music and even yoga sessions, all the things that women love. Opt for tours like ATV riding and exploring Tulum, to find time to talk to the lucky ladies you have your eye on without competing with blaring speakers.

7 Las Vegas


Remember when we said women love hot places? Well, if you’re looking for a hot place to find hot women sans a passport and Trump sanctioned electronics ban, then Vegas it is. The strip may be crowded, but the plethora of bars and rooftop pools make it the ideal place to stay when on the prowl. From bachelorette parties to dirty 30 celebrations, you are bound to find a group of women looking to have the time of their lives. To increase your odds make sure you go during a lit weekend, like for the highly anticipated Mayweather vs. McGregor fight. Do women love boxing? Not really, but they know men do and will fly into town just to increase their odds of meeting a dapper don like you. Jackpot!