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Mike Tyson Performs His One Man Show "Undisputed Truth"

Source: Donald Kravitz / Getty

September 7, 1996, will forever live in the mind of Mike Tyson.


On that day, the legendary boxer was faced off against Bruce Seldon in the ring at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. A Tyson fight was the equivalent of what a Mayweather fight is to today’s generation of boxing fans with everyone and their momma in attendance. Two particular people stood out, and that was Suge Knight and the late Tupac Shakur. Following the fight, the Death Row affiliates got into a brawl inside of the hotel. Just hours later, someone pulled up alongside the vehicle Tupac and Suge was and opened fire wounding both Knight and the rapper. Tupac died hours later.

A few days ago, Tyson linked up with Fat Joe for a conversation that touched on a range of topics. Things got heavy when Joe asked Tyson what it was like to find out that Tupac was murdered just hours after seeing him at the fight.

“I never said this, but all that stuff was planned in advance… I believe that the fight was the opportunity for it to happen. I just believe that was the perfect opportunity for something like that to happen… Everybody knew everybody was going to be there. And the people that wasn’t there wasn’t there because they knew who was going to be there.”

“This is the real. Tupac was just a force. He was just an uncontrolled force, and that was the problem. He was powerful, and he just—no one could control him.”

Wow, that’s heavy. This follows Tyson attending a tribute to the late Biggie Smalls, who was also a friend of the boxer. He reportedly stole Jadakiss’ seat. You can watch the nearly hour-long conversation between the native New Yorkers below.

Photo: Donald Kravitz / Getty