Lit City: Philadelphia

Philadelphia is the birthplace of American democracy, cheesesteak, the Fresh Prince and much more. But to Cassius entertainment editor Cory Townes, it’s home. And lucky for us, Cory decided to show us some Brotherly Love in the form of a tour of his home town for the new episode of Lit City, our video series giving you the real real on what to do, buy and eat.

First, Cory takes us to Ps & Qs, his favorite place to blow his credit limit on some fly threads and accessories. “We like to base our designs on Philly ideas and Philly locations,” says co-owner Saeed about their inspiration — so let it be known that everything you buy at this establishment will have that Illadelph juju stitched into every thread.

Next up, lunch. For a big bite, Cory hits up his go-to cheesesteak spot, Ishkabibble’s. And that’s where our surprise celebrity guest showed up: Philadelphia icon and Cory’s dad, DJ Jazzy Jeff. The music legend reflects on the changes he’s seen in Philly from back in the day: “I can honestly say there was time that I would go to other cities and see some of the structure and would just be mad because I’m kinda like, ‘If Philadelphia is supposed to be in the top 10 largest cities in the country how come we don’t have that? What’s up with Philly?’” He adds, “To be able to look around Philly now and see it being one of the most impressive cities, one of the fastest growing, all the way down to the simple stuff of watching the skyline change. The tallest building ain’t the tallest anymore.”

Last but definitely not least, Cory takes us to Urban Exchange, which looks like a cross between an art studio and a retail shop that sells one-of-a-kind items, perfect to grab some swag for your crew back home. 

Watch Lit City: Philadelphia with Cory Townes, above.