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The streets are buzzing about the ladies and their getaways (thanks to  Girls Trip), but let’s keep it real, the fellas travel too. Guys are just less open about their gallivants because everyone knows the first rule of Fight Club is that you don’t talk about Fight Club. If you and your crew are looking to join the secret brotherhood, here are a few destinations to help get your feet wet. Just remember, snitches get stitches. Also, we don’t know you if you end up needing bail money or a divorce from your new stripper wife…just saying.

Naughty Vibes Only

Not everyone is ready to jump into the deep end of the pool when it comes to a guys getaway. These spots have just enough naughty to whet your appetite and are perfect for dudes looking to get into a little harmless weekend fun for a bachelor party or just to hang.


Cheap flights, tequila, half-naked women and decent nightlife keeps Mexico on the travel list. Sure you can find trouble if you want to, just like anywhere else, but for the most part a trip to Cancun with your boys is just about eyeing the local talent, riding a few ATVs and enjoying the scene. Secure a suite at an adults only all-inclusive like Hyatt Zilara, rack up on the unlimited drinks and soak up the chill vibes.

Las Vegas

The ultimate party destination, Vegas is perfect for those looking to walk the thin line between harmless fun and your fiancé threatening to call off the wedding. Ball out in one of the Aria Sky Suites and watch the women swarm. Enjoy arm and eye candy at the pool on the roof before getting casket sharp for a wild night at JEWEL Nightclub. You can even try your hands at the slots, just don’t gamble away the reception hall money. Oh, and if you actually want to keep your relationship, stay away from the Bunny Ranch.


Legal Pay to Play

Remember those Fight Club rules, you’ll need them, a notarized gag order, blood and the soul of your first-born before you allow any one of your boys to leave the country with you on these trips. Seriously. Sure you’ll spend some time seeing the sights, but it’s what else you’ll get into, pun intended, that requires CIA level secrecy.


The Dutch Caribbean country of Curacao seems like the typical island escape at first. Gorgeous beaches, delicious food, watersports, adventure and reasonably priced resorts like the Renaissance Curacao. What mischievous activities could a group of men possibly get into, right? Well let me introduce you to Campo Alegre Adult Resort, Curacao’s legal brothel. While other islands like Bonaire and St. Maarten also have legal brothels, Campo Alegre is the largest and has been in business since 1949. For an entrance fee of about $6 the resort offers 24/7 access to some of the island’s hottest women, up to 150 on any given night, in a safe environment (still keep your spidey senses on though). And don’t worry, Campo believes in Fight Club too. The resort is located off the main road and there is absolutely no filming or photography allowed inside, period. And only real men, aka others with something to lose, are allowed in, except for Tuesdays when ladies and couples can indulge as well.


One of Germany’s not so secret secrets is that selling sex is legal and regulated, and has been since about 2002. One city where business is booming is Stuttgart. After checking into the Le Meridien, taking a dip in their amazing pool and visiting Mercedes-Benz Museum (nothing says guys trip like fast cars), head to one of the best known brothels, Paradise. The place is perfect for those looking for discretion with a dimly lit Moroccan themed design, VIP lounges and more. The women work as independent contractors so pricing varies, but a day rate for the club itself runs about 79 Euros. Need a bit more relaxation after your visit, there’s a heavenly day spa that offers steam baths and hammams, a tasty restaurant and bar with a large offering of cigars. Paradise indeed. But as usual, keep your head on, your eyes open and play it safe.