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Face it, face masks are part of our new normal.

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, people have been wary of being around others, and the CDC released new guidelines that encourage everyone to wear cloth masks when in public and leave the medical N95 masks to the essential workers in hospitals.

Cassius already has you covered with a few places to cop masks to keep you looking good, but sculpture and self-proclaimed upcycler Gabriel Dishaw is taking face masks to the next level. If you’ve ever wanted to get a mask that looks like it’d be displayed in Darth Vader’s (or Bane’s) closet, but with some designer flair, Dishaw’s creations will definitely fit your vibe.

The Louis Vuitton mask is reminiscent of something the self-proclaimed Louis Vuitton Don Kanye West would rock on the Yeezus tour back in 2013. The mask features the classic brown monogram pattern and is outfitted with a tan suede for detailing and gold rivets for reinforcement. Of course, the mask isn’t cheap and will run you $1,800 if you’re really about that life, and you should probably wear a thin mask under it to keep your droplets from actually landing in the air.

Aside from an affinity for luxe branded masks, Dishaw also designs unique sneaker sculptors like Air Jordan 1s and Air Max 95s after being inspired by his own collection.

“Each series represents a personal interest or passion of mine. For instance the sneakers series – I have a sneaker collection in excess of 380 pairs. That bleeds over to my artwork which consists of the shoes I like the most. My love of sci-fi and all things “Star Wars” has significantly influenced my creature and figurative sculptures. I’m constantly looking for new ways to use old materials, showcasing them in a new light that is of interest to me. In that respect one sculpture can easily balloon into a series,” his site reads.

Peep the rest of his work, some of which are available for purchase here.

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