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For adults, amid the coronavirus jobs have either been lost, furloughed or if you’re lucky enough, you’re working from home. But for kids, they’ve all been relegated to distance learning, and many are struggling with their teacher and professors who barely know how to use YouTube, suddenly having to be a tech wiz.

Otherwise, just getting a laptop to do all the schoolwork can be tough, so for New York school kids, New England Patriots Devin and Jason McCourty, came together to make things a bit easier by donating $90,000 worth of laptops to upstate kids– and that’s how Chromebooks For Kids was born. The brothers, who are both defensive backs and Rockland County natives, did the good deed for their hometown of Nyack.

“What better way to give back than to help provide for the future, our youth,” Jason said. “My brother always said make sure blessings don’t stop with yourself, but that they flow through you. We believe this is an opportunity for us to use what we’ve been blessed with to help others!”

This is just the latest example of the talented twins using their own money to better the lives of others. For starters, sickle cell disproportionately affects Black people, so the twins united to fight the disease with the Tackle Sickle Cell initiative. They joined forces with the Embrace Kids Foundation to help find a cure for something that’s affected their own family.

“Sickle Cell disease affected us at a young age because my father carried the trait. I remember we took blood test at 5 years old to see if we carried the trait as well, and it was a relief when we learned we didn’t,” said Devin. “That didn’t end the journey with Sickle Cell because both our aunt and uncle had the disease.”

If you’d like to donate and help the less fortunate of upstate New York get the computers they need, go here.