Bun B is an adjunct professor at Rice University in Texas. Hopefully the school has his back as he fights for justice on the streets in wake of the horrific events that occurred at the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville last week.

Bun has always been known as the cool-tempered member of legendary Texas rap duo UGK, and his late partner Pimp C was much more likely to make a scene or check a hater. There’s no footage of the incident that initially provoked Bun to rush the visibly shook Donald Trump supporter, but the current racial climate throughout the country doesn’t make it hard to imagine how tense things were on the ground.

Wednesday morning, DJ Akademiks posted video of Bun rushing and screaming on a man who supposedly gave him the finger. The unidentified man kept his face in his smart phone after Bun got closed to him and yelled, “I’ll f**k you up,” before storming off and returning to face off with the man. “Bitch I’m a college professor (at) Rice University,” Bun said as bystanders attempted to get between them.

In 2016, Bun was a political correspondent for VICE news, and he has never shied away from verbal or intellectual conflict in recent years, but clearly the actions of the current administration and its supporters have pushed the trill O.G. to the boiling point.