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Hipster friends dancing on the party

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This definitely isn’t helping to flatten the curve.


Chicago has stringent social distancing rules in place to help stop the spread of COVID-19, but that didn’t stop 1,000 knuckleheads from packing a house for a party on the westside of Chi-Town.

In the video that made its rounds on social media, you can see at least 100 people packed in one room dancing together, failing at social distancing miserably. Most of the people in the video were not wearing masks, while we can spot some sporting protective gear, but at that point, wearing a mask is useless.

Speaking with MediaTakeOut of all sites, one partygoer basically said if they die they die telling the website:

“I’m not worried about [the coronavirus] . . . but if I didn’t have it before, I probably got it now. Oh well.”


Chicago’s Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is well aware of the situation and addressed it in a series of tweets calling what she saw “unacceptable” and urging those with information to come forward.

“I have seen the video which shows what appears to be a house party taking place inside a Chicago residence. What was depicted on the video was reckless and utterly unacceptable.”

“While most Chicagoans are doing their part to prevent the spread of COVID-19, reckless actions like these threaten our public health and risk erasing the progress we have made. We will hold those responsible accountable. I am asking everyone to be in this together.”

“Residents can anonymously submit a tip about house parties at and CPD will shut them down immediately. The fewer people who comply with the “Stay At Home” Order, the sicker our residents will get, and the harder it will be for us to recover.”

Chicago is one of the many cities that have been hit hard by COVID-19, especially in Black and brown communities, and to see such recklessness is disturbing. We hope Mayor Lightfoot can find out who threw the party and get all of those individuals tested before they go around resetting gains in the fight against the coronavirus by spreading the virus.

Photo: Pekic / Getty