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Bun B is just as sick of this shit as the rest of Black America.

After telling a white supremacist “I’ll fuck you up” at a recent rally in Charlottesville, Va., UGK rapper and college professor Bun B is continuing to blow the Neo-Nazi agenda to smithereens by offering some very sound advice to Lady Gaga and other non-racist members of the white community. Headlines blew up when Gaga called Donald Trump out on his B.S. (i.e. existing and of course his refusal to denounce the Neo-Nazi movement, even after the horrific death of Heather Heyer). Also interesting were the questions Gaga posed about how to solve the world’s problems, how the non-racist white community can help influence the country, and whether or not Trump is a racist supporter. We all know the answer to that last one.

Gaga had questions and everyone from Black Twitter to Bun B had answers. During a visit to KBXX 97.9’s Madd Hatta Morning Show, Bun kept it plain and simple, advising that all those who want to help, call their racist friends out—pronto.

“I would offer a very, very simple answer: point them out,” Bun said. “It’s just that simple. They know who their racist friends are, they know who their racist coworkers are, they know who their racist neighbors are, they know who their racist family is—and if you want to prove to us that you are not only trying to not be a part of the problem, but actually be a part of the solution, then help us eliminate the enemy by pointing them out. Expose your racist friends, expose your racist coworkers, expose your racist neighbors. If need be, expose your racist family members,” he adds, explaining that if you don’t expose the enemy you’re no better.

Bun B had a lot more to say about Trump, the removal of confederate statues, and more. Listen above.

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