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Jim Jones

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Jim Jones has always been a hustler and has his hands in everything.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that he not only gives weather updates via Instagram, but he’s now getting into personal training… well, at least while we’re under quarantine. You could drop a couple stacks to cop those Louis Vuitton dumbbells we put you onto recently, or you can be more practical about things. With 22 million Americans currently out of work, Jones has a more fiscally responsible solution to get your home gym up to snuff.

Jones already has a home gym but with his new #VampFit initiative, he’s making sure no one has excuses for not working out by showing his followers how to get your heart pumping with household items like towels, water bottles, and broomsticks.

Chest Workouts

In his first tutorial, he gives detailed instructions on chest workouts. The first include gathering about 10 towels, folding them up and putting them on the floor. After that, secure a resistance band under the towels, lay on top of them, put the broomstick in the straps on the bands, and begin your reps. Jones demonstrates the incline press, which is when you extend your arms to the wall nearest your head. You should eventually start to feel the burn in your triceps and pecs.

Resistance Bands

Another workout includes those same resistance bands (which should run you about $10) and a piece of rope, like the dog toy that Jim uses to show just how easy it is to get your heart pumping with whatever you’ve got laying around the house.

Back Workouts

Next up is back workouts, and if you don’t have a curling bar, tossing some full water bottles into a plastic bag and putting them on the ends of broomstick with have you covered. If you don’t have water, all those bottles of wine and liquor that you have stockpiled for the end of the world will work just fine.

When it comes to cardio, jogging is your best bet– just make sure you’re social distancing.