Pop Smoke Listening Party

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

There’s no doubt Pop Smoke was on his way to superstardom before his life was tragically taken back in February.

The Brooklyn rapper’s infectious sound was taking rap by storm and in less than a year, he’d collaborated and earned the respect of some of Hip Hop’s greatest artists — Quavo, Travis Scott, Nicki Minaj, and more. 50 Cent said he fell in love with the rising star during a meeting because he was incredibly attentive.

“I get up, because I’m trying to see what the f*ck he’s doing in his phone. I swear to god, the n*gga was writing what I said down,” 50 recalled, adding “There’s a difference between a n*gga copying you. He never copied one f*cking thing from me. He just looked at it, saw what was good in it. It influenced him and he did his own thing with it.” “I fell in love with the n*gga right then,” he said.

While 50 previously expressed interest in helping to finish Pop Smoke’s posthumous album, it’s unclear if he has been involved in the process thus far. Either way, we can expect the project next month, as Pop Smoke’s manager Steven Victor announced the news via social media today:


Just before his death, Pop Smoke released his second mixtape Meet The Woo 2. While he would never get to enjoy the project’s success, we imagine he’s looking down on us as we shake the room. May he rest in peace.