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Finding a woman’s g-spot is like the search for the holy grail. The truth is locating the spot isn’t just for her—it’s for you. Women can have orgasm via clitoral or g-spot stimulation, and if you master making your partners bust both ways you’ll always be in high demand…and likely receive a good meal or two. The most important thing is to not make this a task. The search for the g-spot, and discovering how a woman’s body responds to various forms of stimulation overall, should be enjoyable for the both of you. Keep things light and sexy. Check out the following tips to get started.


Where the Hell Is It?

The g-spot is located on the top side of the vaginal wall. This spot can vary a little in location from woman to woman. You can, however, find this cluster of tissue within inches of inserting your fingers into her vagina. When searching for the g-spot, take your time and inch your fingers in instead of ramming quickly and deeply.


Got Two Inches? Then You’re Winning

You don’t have to go deep to find the g-spot. It’s located within the first two inches of the vagina. If your fingers are completely submerged within her walls, you’ve gone too far. Use the first crease marking on the middle of your fingers to gauge how far you’ve gone. If you can no longer see the mark, you’ve gone far enough.


Touch and Tease


The tissues of the g-spot swell as a woman becomes aroused. This means you have to get her nice and wet to make it pop out. So if you’re searching and you don’t feel it, chances are she needs to be stimulated more. Get your foreplay game up. Kiss her where you know she likes it. Play with her nipples and caress her skin to relax her body. Tell her how hard you plan on making her cum. Whatever she needs to get her juices flowing, provide it.


Code Name: Walnut


The surface of the g-spot feels like the ridged surface of a walnut. When your fingers finally stumble upon the spot, you will know it. You will feel a hard, textured bean-shaped bump when you’ve hit the spot.


Give Her Your Digits


The easiest way to locate her g spot is to have her laying on her back.

  1. Position yourself in front of her between her legs and place the palm of your less dominant hand just above her pubis mons (area above the vagina lips, see here) where the bladder is located.
  2. Use your dominant hand to do the searching. You can also have her bend her knees and bring her legs up towards her chest to lift the pelvis. Doing this can assist in finding the spot more easily.
  3. Using two fingers placed together on their flat side facing up is the best way to locate the g spot.
  4. Make sure your nails are clipped and filed smooth and are clean before going in. Once the fingers are inserted with the palm side facing up, curl your fingers upward as if you are trying to reach for her belly button.
  5. You want to use a “come here” motion with your fingers to reach the spot. Once you’ve found it, rub in a swirling motion clockwise or counterclockwise to stimulate the g-spot. Press gently and increase the pressure as she instructs.


Keep Exploring


Finding the g-spot is all about the hunt. Be conscious of how her body responds to the motion of your fingers inside of her and take mental notes of everything that’s making her juice. Being aware during this process is how you can become more connected with her body (and gets you that cooked food and extended blowjobs).

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