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Malcolm Jenkins Wants Roger Goodell & NFL To Apologize To Colin Kaepernick

Source: Mark Brown / Getty

Roger Goodell finally admitting the NFL got it wrong when it came to players protesting, but according to Malcolm Jenkins, he still needs to do one more thing.


Many applauded Goodell and the NFL’s about-face when it came to admitting it was on the wrong side of history when it came to its policy shunning players who peacefully protested social injustice and police brutality during the national anthem. There are still some players, and political voices who feel both the league and its commissioner have to do more and New Orleans Saints safety and founder of the Players Coalition, Malcolm Jenkins is one of those people.

Speaking with CBS This Morning on Tuesday (Jun.9), Jenkins joined the call for Goodell and the NFL to acknowledge and apologize to the blacklisted quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who started the kneeling protest.

“I still don’t think they’ve gotten it right. Until they apologize specifically to Colin Kaepernick or assign him to a team, I don’t think that they will end up on the right side of history.”

“At the end of the day, they’ve listened to their players, they’ve donated money, they’ve created an Inspire Change platform. They’ve tried to do things up to this point. But it’s been one player in particular that they have ignored and have not acknowledged, and that’s Colin Kaepernick.”

Jenkins didn’t comment on whether he believes Kaepernick will return to the NFL but he did say if the league does not address Kaepernick, Goodell and NFL’s statement would just be empty noise.

“That’s the only thing that people want to hear. If it’s not going to correct that or acknowledge that, then everything else doesn’t need to be said.”

Jenkins joins Atlanta Falcons quarterback, Matt Ryan, and Reverend Al. Sharpton called for the NFL to give Kaepernick a job while delivering a powerful eulogy at George Floyd’s funeral in Houston on Tuesday.

We agree they should apologize, Kaep deserves to be in the league.

Photo: Mark Brown / Getty