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“No tattoos but the ink on my money still wet,” rapped Drake in 2009 and a lot has changed since. The Canadian-born rapper has let his musical influences, friends, and family mark up his body in odd and distinctive ways.

Rather than getting full sleeves or a huge back piece, Drizzy opts for smaller nods to his past and idols. Now that much of his back and arms are covered in small ones, CASSIUS came up with a guide to all of Drake’s tattoos.


Drake’s yet to explain the reasoning behind his newest ink but it’s a tattoo of Denzel Washington with a trumpet.

He also recently got a tattoo in memory of a friend that passed away named FIF.

Back during one of his on again off again relationships with Rihanna, the two got matching camouflage sharks because he bought her a stuffed shark once.

With Lil Wayne being his idol, it’s not too surprising that Drake would get a Lil Wayne tattoo. According to TMZ, Weezy “was beyond floored and honored.”

Though unclear, this picture shows off his eye of horus tattoo and the one on his inner right bicep that reads “All Kinds.” This is reportedly the name of a Justin Timberlake collaboration that never dropped.

On his forearm, he’s got a picture of a lion with the word “October” on top and the word “Lejonhjärta”on the bottom. Come to find out, Lejonhjärta is the last name of twin Swedish models who got Drake drunk before getting tattoos.

Drakkard Noir is the fragrance that Drake’s dad used to wear and was his original Twitter name.

Drake’s fandom for Sade knows no bounds. He got a giant tattoo of the songstress— her signature included— on his ribs.


The 6 God’s ties to The UK’s grime collective Boy Better Know is strong. When label head honcho Skepta signed Drake to BBK, he celebrated with some new ink.

The More Life era was signified by the pink flower emoji that Drake and the OVO camp planted everywhere. To commemorate the era, Drake got a realistic flower tattoo on his shoulder.

One of the first highly visible tattoos he ever got, it’s an upside down quote on his forearm.

The sprawling tattoo across his back features his OVO owl logo, his aunt and uncle, his mother, Aaliyah and a song bird. This photo also shows the CN tower tattoo a notable landmark in his native Toronto on the back of his left bicep.

Not only did Drake get a tattoo of his dad, but if you look a little deeper, it’s actually a tattoo of his father’s mug shot.