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Just as the internet is dragging T.I. for his hymen comments all over again, news about the rapper teaching a class in the near future has surfaced.

The Atlanta native is heading over to Clark Atlanta University in the AUC to teach the ‘Business of Trap Music,’ which could be cool — as long as he leaves his awkward comments about genitalia and Wakanda out of it.

“I’m excited to share my experiences and whatever resources or information I have that can be an asset for the future. Drugs have existed for as long as humans have been on earth and music has existed for quite some time as well. The commonality that threads the two together is what makes trap music a dominant force in culture today,” T.I. said in a statement, according to Billboard. He went on to assert himself as the pioneer of Trap music, although the details of Trap origins have long been debated.

“My intention was to take my lifestyle and turn that into a philosophical presentation of music, so other people going through similar experiences wouldn’t feel alone or alienated,” T.I. stated. “When we were coming up, the only artists coming from Atlanta was OutKast, Goodie Mob, and booty-shaking music. The first person to do it is always going to have the hardest time. After me, it was much easier for Jeezy and Gucci [Mane] to be accepted.”

An official announcement from CAU states T.I. will be partnering with Presidential Leadership Scholar and hip-hop aficionado, Dr. Melva K. Williams, as the class was her idea. Are you excited for T.I.’s music business class? Chime in.