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The New England Patriots Reportedly Sign Cam Newton

Source: Charlotte Observer / Getty

Don’t ever count out the New England Patriots.


It was looking real quiet for the New England Patriots when Tom Brady took his quarterback skills to Tampa Bay. But we should have known Bill Belichick would find a way to keep his team in contention. Yesterday (Jun.28) the Patriots shocked the sports world by signing forming Carolina Panther QB, Cam Newton. The Patriots reportedly signed former league MVP for peanuts, Newton’s incentive-laden contract is worth up to $7.5 million, that’s a bargain for a player of his caliber.

Before Adam Schefter broke the news of Newton’s signing, it was believed that the Patriots were highly confident in second-year quarterback Jarrett Stidham. The team is still high on the Stidham, but Sports Illustrated‘s Albert Breer reports that Patriots had Cam on their radar for a long time.

“Here’s what I know—Bill Belichick and a number of New England offensive assistants called around on Newton, and the coaches who’ve worked with Newton the last few years really like him. I also know that Belichick has always had an affinity for players he has trouble defending, and the former NFL MVP is 100 percent that.”

Breer also reports that when Newton arrives, he has no intention of playing second fiddle to Stidham or being his mentor, and the Patriots are willing to give him a shot at the starting job. Landing Newton is definitely a big deal, but he has suffered from the injury bug. Newton has only played in 16 games in the last two seasons, and his on-field performance wasn’t up to MVP standards due to his injuries.

Regardless his new Patriots teammates are very excited about having Cam Newton leading the office.

We’re are curious to see if Cam Newton can help the New England Patriots stay on top of the AFC East. Based on his recent workout video with Odell Beckham Jr., Newton looks like he is ready for the challenge.

Photo: Charlotte Observer / Getty