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Rihanna Launches Fenty Beauty at Sephora Times Square

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UPDATE: Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 10:56 a.m. — According to reports, another alleged trademark, “Fenty Estates,” also created a buzz shortly after news of the application for “House of Fenty.” Social media pandemonium ensued. But a source close to Rihanna has confirmed with The FADER that reports of an alcohol brand specifically are “totally untrue.”

Also important to note: the spirits brand trademark was filed by JGC Global LLC and not Rihanna’s Roraj Trade LLC. The FADER reached out to JGC’s legal reps, but they’ve yet to comment.

Meanwhile, we can only assume House of Fenty isn’t happening either, but we’re going to hold on to our high hopes anyway.

It looks like that Rihanna reign won’t be letting up any time soon, as it looks like the Fenty Beauty queen is making some major business moves —or at least wants to be able to in the future.

An alleged trademark filing—which appears to have been filed on September 15—has RiRi poised to take over everything from cosmetics to clothing…but what we’ve really got our eyes on is the listing of distilled spirits and wine under that “Goods and Services” tab.

Is Rihanna trying to teach us the proper way to “Pour It Up?!?! Because, if so, we’re totally with it. Think about it: Rihanna’s homeland of Barbados is known for making some of the world’s finest rum. Just saying.

If we’re to believe any of this is real, the 29-year-old may be coming out with a skincare line as well. Other things listed for potential production: “charms for backpacks, beverage, glassware used for identification purposes, cellular phones, eyewear, purses, shoes, and zipper pulls and buttons.”

Clothes, makeup, liquor, heels, glasses, zippers…you naaame it! Rihanna’s about to take over every damn thing.

Again, we’re not sure if this trademark filing is legit, but it’s still exciting to dream about. Here’s to hoping we get some Bad Girl Ri Ri roll-ups in the future.