Medical Marijuana

Source: LPETTET / Getty

Medical marijuana dispensaries are making the way to Broward and Palm Beach counties. It’s a momentous decision for the area, as dispensaries have been placed on hold or completely banned in most cities in southern Florida.

Of course, it will take time before the dispensaries open. Broward County is still deciding how it wants to move forward with placement, while Palm Beach County won’t be making a final vote until Thursday, according to the Sun Sentinel.

As to be expected, some folks in nearby areas aren’t thrilled about the decision.

“My only plea today to the commission is that you consider the location and impose strict and stringent regulations governing and policing these facilities, considering the communities that abut them and their present status when it comes to crime,” Jessie Scipio, president of the Boulevard Gardens homeowner association, told the Sun Sentinel.

But others, including local commissioners, are in full support.

“I do know that there are serious medical benefits from this,” Commissioner Michael Udine of Broward County said. “I speak to seniors all the time who want access to this and by banning it all over the place we’re kind of shutting that down.”

As the Sentinel reports, 10 out of 31 Broward cities have banned marijuana or plan to, including Cooper City, Davie, and Hillsboro Beach. Just seven, including Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood, are thinking about where dispensaries can be placed.

Marijuana has made significant headlines in 2017. In August, American Green Inc.—“a marijuana focused technology and growing firm based in Arizona”—bought Nipton, California, to turn it into the nation’s ”first energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality destination.” That same month, Sen. Cory Booker also announced plans for a Marijuana Justice Act as a means to fight for “restorative justice” nationwide, calling for the records of all who have been labeled “criminals” to be expunged of possession convictions.