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Off-White Boxers

Source: Off-White / Off-White

Since you’re stuck at home, pants have become optional– there’s no need to be embarrassed about it.

We’re not going to get into the fact that they might no longer fit since you’ve been pretty much glued to the couch, but you may have walked past the mirror a few times and realized how dingy your boxers are. If you have, it’s time to update, and Off-White has a pair that you can most definitely stunt in.

Thankfully there are no capitalized words across the back or arrows pointing at your junk. Instead, Virgil Abloh’s brand kept things pretty simple and relatable to your typical three-pack of boxers since they’re available in white, grey, and black. The only thing that isn’t typical –which you should have expected– is the price tag. Coming in at more than your average pack, a three-pack of the Off-White boxers will come in at $155. Yup– that means they come in at about $50 a pair.

The boxers are manufactured in Milan and feature a 93% cotton, 7% spandex make up and highlight the labels “Trademark” text logo at the waistband. Still, they’re a bargain compared to Off-White’s first boxers, which took the style of the industrial belt the brand is famous for and made it a waistband with a $349 price tag.

Off-White Boxers

Source: Off-White / Off-White

If the Polo or Hanes boxers are just too basic for you, you can cop these at Feature. And lucky enough for you, domestic is shipping on orders of $150 or more, so feel free to ball out.

Abloh and the Off-White team have been very busy lately. Since his donation snafu, the Chicago native has made up for it by putting IKEA MARKERAD chair from his “personal archive” up for auction, as well as a pair of Off-White Jordan 4s to support Black Lives Matter— the latter of which totaled $186,199.05.

He also spoke on breaking barriers in the fashion world, which makes things easier for those coming after him.

“I didn’t grow up with many icons or idols to pattern my career on,” Abloh told Fast Company. “But at my businesses, I’ve seen artists and designers of my skin color do things in two months that took me 25 years to accomplish.”