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When the NBA was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, the league decided to stop drug testing its players — and now, folks have questions about whether or not there’s weed on site at the Orlando bubble. Welp, one agent (sort of) confirmed there is.. and probably will be for a while, since moving forward the league only has plans to test for performing enhancing drugs.

“You’re asking about Fight Club,” an agent told The Athletic, according to Bleacher Report. “There’s no testing for a reason.”

Bleacher Report goes on to note former NBA player Al Harrington’s advice on bringing enough weed. “Bring more than you think you’re going to need,” Harrington reportedly said. “You might have that teammate who’s never smoked and might want to try it since they’re stuck in a bubble. So you might be supplying other people.”

“There are different options for entertainment, including ping pong, video games, movie screenings and DJ sets, per Shams Charania of The Athletic. However, the players might need something else to pass the time while they are stuck in one spot,” the site adds.

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