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Apple is unveiling 13 new emoji this year, a few of which are very timely.

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, the tech company saw fit to add both a heart and lung emoji. There is also an interesting “pinched” hand that could very well be interpreted many ways, though some are already calling it the “Italian” hand.

“It also includes the transgender symbol — one of the many the consortium approved to make your emoji selection more gender-inclusive. It’s unclear when the transgender flag, the smiling face with a single tear and the new gender-inclusive veil and tuxedo options will be rolling out,” Engadget states, adding “As Engadget Japanese notes, the new set will likely make their debut with iOS 14 sometime this fall. According to Emojipedia, Apple is also releasing new colored face mask options for Memojis, its avatars that users can create to look like them and track their facial movements.”

A more inclusive set of emoji is long overdue, but better late than never. Check out the photo of the new emoji below and let us know what else you think Apple is missing.