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Facts: Hybrids are the wave now.

Crazy muscle cars that guzzle up your gas are out and saving bread at the pump is what’s in. On CASSIUS’ Chevrolet Malibu One-Tank Road Trip, we learned just how lit it is to have a hybrid car. Here are a few reasons why the switch is worth it.

You Save A Ton Of Money On Gas

Stopping for gas is annoying and expensive. But after you cop a hybrid all of that goes out the window. As long as you’re not speeding above 55 MPH, gas doesn’t kick in and electricity will do all the work for you. And with all that money you save on gas, fresh ‘fits and more nights out could be in your future.

Great For The Environment

We all know how terrible gasoline is for the environment— the carbon dioxide pollutants contributes to global warming. Plus, with hybrids you don’t have to change your oil as much, so that annoying blinking light in your dash, won’t be such a nuisance.

They’re Quiet

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, noise pollution can be an annoyance, whether it’s the loud bus or the sports car speeding by. But with hybrid cars, the electric motors are virtually silent, so getting home embarrassingly late or picking some up won’t include waking up the entire block.

They’re Actually Cool Now

In the early days of hybrids everyone thought they were relegated for hipsters and environmentally conscious moms but times have changed. Anyone looking to spend less bread on gas and save the world in the process is with it.  Plus, the hybrid models now don’t look nearly as uninspiring, with many regular diesel silhouettes being offered in hybrid versions.