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Raptors' Rookie Terence Davis Spotted Rocking Mask With Hole In It

Source: Mike Stobe / Getty

Another day, another NBA rookie out here confusing being woke with stupidity.


Before an NBA Restart featuring the defending champions, the Toronto Raptors, and the Los Angeles Lakers on Saturday (Aug.1), Raptors rookie, Terence Davis was photographed rocking a mask with a hole in it. A photo surfaced online of the player proudly looking dumb with his useless face-cover. Oh, and he just happens to be a COVID-19 conspiracy theory believer like fellow NBA rookie, Michael Porter Jr. 

Davis shared a screenshot of a tweet falsely claiming that doctors, the news, or any person in authority has informed the public how to boost their immune systems naturally. Instead, opting to push known life-saving measures like wearing a mask and social distancing plus the promise of a viable vaccine.

Adam Silver and the NBA have been very adamant about player safety in the bubble — which has been working — issued a very stern warning to its players about following the strict guidelines requiring masks to be worn a measure put in place to protect them. New York Times‘ Marc Stein reported the teams were told that players risk warnings, fines and possible suspensions for failing to comply with the mask mandate.

“NBA teams were notified today by the league office to re-emphasize the use of masks and face coverings by everyone in the NBA bubble and were also told to utilize a portion of their next team meeting to reiterate the importance of doing so, league sources say.”

“Teams were also reminded today that penalties for non-compliance on mask-wearing at the NBA Bubble range from warnings to fines, suspensions and potentially even removal from campus, @NYTSports has learned … with repeat offenders subject to enhanced discipline.”

Davis isn’t the only player caught slipping in the bubble either. Reportedly someone snitched on Lakers’ big man Dwight Howard, who questioned mask use while in the bubble and is an anti-vaxxer for not wearing a face covering. While we understand that the players have the privilege of being tested daily, one slip-up could ruin the entire NBA bubble experiment, and that is something the league is not trying to see that happen. Just ask Lemon Pepper Lou Williams, who risked it all for some Magic City chicken wings and socially distanced lap dance.

Photo: Mike Stobe / Getty