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Kanye West Withdraws Name From New Jersey Presidential Ballot

Source: Rich Fury/VF20 / Getty

The nightmare that is Kanye West actually running for president continues…unfortunately.


The leader of the birthday party, yes, that is the political party West is running under, is continuing his rather janky push for the White House. The Associated Press is reporting that the troubled rapper has withdrawn his name from New Jersey’s presidential ballot. BUT don’t think that means Kanye is giving up on trying to ruin our lives by becoming the president of the United States.

In a Kanye2020 email obtained by the AP, there is some correspondence between a member of Kanye’s camp reportedly and Administrative Law Judge Gail Cookson. It states that “At this time, Kanye 2020 has no further option than to regrettably withdraw from New Jersey and cease further efforts to place Mr. West’s name on the New Jersey ballot.”

Cookson, in response, adds, “I will consider this email as a request for a withdrawal of your petition to be placed in nomination for the President of the United States in the State of New Jersey.”

Immediately ABC reports that West has obtained and submitted the 2,000 signatures (no word on if they are suspect) needed to get on Wisconsin’s presidential ballot. He also confirms that Michelle Tidball (Google her) is running alongside him as his vice president.

Deep sigh.

This news follows the tumultuous June, where we witnessed a meltdown of epic proportions from the Chicago rapper. Whether it was the sh*t show that was labeled a campaign rally in South Carolina where we saw Ye breakdown while revealing he almost aborted his daughter and shade Harriet Tubman. His marriage to Kim suffer its most significant setback yet or the bevy of strange and cooky tweets, Kanye is having an interesting summer, to say the least.

We genuinely hope someone can get it in his head that this isn’t time to be playing games with politics, especially now thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. America doesn’t need another president who has no clue what the hell they are doing and is mentally unfit for the job. We have been through that already, thanks to Donald Trump.

Photo: Rich Fury/VF20 / Getty