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The Kardashians Reportedly Upset With Kanye West Following Bizarre Rally

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

If you expected Kanye West’s campaign rally to be a complete sh*t show, he definitely didn’t let you down. Now reportedly, his family and friends are worried and upset. 


Kanye West went off the deep end yesterday (Jul.19) during his “campaign rally” in North Charleston that some are literally describing as a cry for help. During the event, West basically told anyone if you think I can’t even say some more ridiculous nonsense like “slavery was a choice,” hold my beer.

While rocking a military-style bulletproof vest with 2020 shaved into his head, the “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” rapper made some outrageous claims pitched as possible policies for his so-called campaign. West once again showed that he doesn’t know his African American history and attacked the legendary freedom fighter and slavery abolitionist, Harriet Tubman. He falsely claimed she didn’t free slaves just moved them somewhere else and had them “work for other white people.”

But what really rocked the Kardashian and friends world according to TMZ was when the rapper shifted his focus to abortion. In what was honestly one of the campaign rally’s most disturbing moments, West tearfully detailed almost aborting his firstborn child with Kim Kardashian, North West. He jokingly broke down how he believed he gave his girlfriend at the time AIDS when she called him with the urgent news revealing she was expecting.

West even blurted out that Kim might divorce him for disclosing the very personal information and that if she does, he still thanks her for having North.

The celebrity gossip site is reporting that sources around him believe that West is “in desperate need of professional help” and, as previously reported in the middle of a severe bipolar episode and will not listen to anyone around him.

Seriously, folks, these man doesn’t need your votes, he needs to sit down and have an in-depth conversation with a psychiatrist.

Photo: The Washington Post / Getty