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Denver Nuggets v Brooklyn Nets

Source: Mike Stobe / Getty

Kevin Durant showed although he is a current member of the Brooklyn Nets organization, without him and Kyrie down in Orlando, he doesn’t think they have a chance to win the finals.

The Slim Reaper actually made a prediction that the Los Angeles Clippers and the Milwaukee Bucks will be the participants in the NBA Finals this year.

Ultimately, he explained why he thinks the Clippers will take home the chip.

“If I had to choose—and I hate doing that s–t because you never know what could happen, you seen that with us last year—but if I had to choose, I’ll go with Clippers and Bucks for the championship,” Durant told ESPN. “And I’ll go with the Clippers [to win it all].”

This shouldn’t be a big surprise, he was able to witness first hand how dominant Kawhi Leonard was last year en route to an NBA Championship. Although Durant was injured for most of the series, Kawhi was able to lead the Raptors over the wounded and injury-riddled Warriors. But before that, he was tasked with taking down Giannis Antetokounmpo, and apparently, KD thinks he can do it again.

“They’re just so deep,” Durant said of the Clippers. “They haven’t had their whole team together at once for a long period of time yet, and that talent is just undeniable. When you have [Paul George] and Kawhi [Leonard] at the wings, that’s what you need to win is wings. You got those two at the wings, arguably top three, top four at the wing position on one team.”

Interestingly enough, Durant said, “arguably top three, top four at the wing position,” it’s probably not very difficult to guess who he thinks are one and two.

Spoiler Alert: It’s himself and LeBron James.

You can’t really go wrong with predicting any of the Bucks, Clippers or Lakers to win the championship, but with the way 2020 is going, and more specifically how odd this basketball season has been, don’t be surprised if we see one of those league favorites get upset early on in the playoffs.