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Close-up of man using laptop and credit card for online shopping

Source: Westend61 / Getty

There’s a new artificially intelligent shopping assistant that will reportedly solve all your checkout woes.

Nate, as the assistant is affectionately called, integrates into your phone, making checking out as simple as tapping just one button, reports state. You’ll also be able to curate lists, save items, and share your favorite products.


“nate founder Albert Saniger himself was tired of companies re-ordering his social feeds and serving him irrelevant ads. ‘I don’t really care what an algorithm thinks I should buy,’ he tells us. ‘I want to be inspired by other humans, not machines. And when it’s time to buy, I want to stay in flow and keep going with my day instead of worrying about where my credit card is, or whether I have an account with that store, or whether the website is easy to navigate on my phone.’ Saniger says, ‘People don’t want another checkout method,” but a “single, universal solution for all purchases.’”

The sites goes on to say that “protecting users’ privacy is paramount,” so a virtual card issued by the app is used at checkout instead of one’s actual credit card.

Checkout the app here and let us know what you think.