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You know that annoying feeling you get when your sunglasses or freshly shaven face prevents your phone from unlocking immediately?

Apple’s get something to fix it. Over the last few weeks, the coronavirus has had people wearing masks out of fear, but now the CDC recommends all people do if they are unable to social distance and maintain 6 feet between people. You’ve probably come to realize that your mask screws with your FaceID.

So, on Wednesday, Apple released an updated beta version of iOS 13.5 that allows you to bypass that annoying jolt of vibration and just put in your passcode. Normally, if you’re using any of the X, XS, or 11 versions of the iPhone, if your face isn’t immediately recognizable, it could take another 10 seconds or so to be prompted to just use your passcode. Apple’s update is not only timely but also ensure that safety and security come first.

But beyond that quick hack, Apple has also hooked up with Google to help slow the spread of coronavirus by giving you even more information to work with. It’s a contact tracing tool that lets you know if you’ve recently been around anyone who contracted the virus. Though it may seem a bit invasive for some, it can help slow the spread of the virus by letting you know when to stay on your toes.

“iPhone is using Bluetooth to securely share your random IDs with nearby devices and collect their IDs. This enables an app to notify you if you may have been exposed to COVID-19. RandomIDs are deleted after 14 days. Apps you authorize can notify you if you’re exposed to COVID-19. You can also choose to anonymously share your COVID-19 diagnosis,” reads the new feature.

Currently, America has lost 61,000 lives to the coronavirus with just over a million cases.