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Michael Jordan's legendary 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Lorinser Up For Auction

allSource: Stacia Timonere / Getty

Memorabilia associated with His Airness, Michael Jordan, has been fetching large sums of money. We expect this latest auction featuring one of the goat’s most prized possessions to do the same.


We all wanted to “be like Mike,” but did you ever want to ride in luxury like Mike? Well, here is your chance. Jordan’s legendary 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 Lorinser is being put on the auction block by Beverly Hills Car Club, and the starting bid for MJ’s vehicle was $23, of course.

If you liked The Last Dance like the rest world did, you not only got to see the most celebrated basketball ever get busy, but you also got to see his collection of luxurious whips. Vehicles in his collection, like his Range Rover, Corvette, and 96 Mercedes-Benz S600 Lorinser, were all showcased in the sports doc. The Benz comes in a majestic metallic navy deep blue, with custom rims, body kit, and almost 400 horsepower, which is a boost of power than what the car initially sports under the hood.

Along with the car, the winning bidder will also receive the original title, which is, of course, signed by Michael Jordan. There are other fresh details still featured with the vehicle like the carphone, which still displays Jordan’s name when you power it on. According to Allex Manos of the Beverly Hills Car Club, its “the Holy Grail of Michael Jordan memorabilia.”

Following the airing of The Last Dance, the demand and prices for Michael Jordan memorabilia shot up with items like game-worn Air Jordans, jerseys, and even photocopies of his Bulls contract fetching millions. With bids already sitting at $100,100, we expect the car to pull in a hefty chunk of cage adding to that total.

So if you got the funds, you better head over to the auction and place your bid before August 23.

Photo: Stacia Timonere / Getty