Being a billionaire affords you a lot of luxuries, which for Michael Jordan includes a pretty impressive car collection. But it appears his collection rotates as the 1991 BMW 850i he owned until 1995 is looking for a new owner. Via an auction on Bring A Trailer, the whip has about 30,000 miles, with MJ […]

Marcus Jordan and Larsa Pippen say they’re still not officially engaged, but the wedding plans seem underway. Marcus, 32, already knows that he wants to continue a family tradition when he and 49-year-old Pippen eventually tie the knot, and it involves his father and NBA GOAT Michael Jordan. Marcus was recently on Pablo Torre’s Pablo […]

If Michael Jordan wasn’t already rolling in money, his edition to the latest Forbes list proves it. The Chicago Bulls legend’s net worth has risen to $3 billion, allowing him to join the ranks of the Forbes 400, the list of America’s 400 richest people. He cracked in at number 379, to be exact. Of […]

The GOAT has finally addressed Steph Curry’s claim of being the best point guard of all time. On Wednesday’s episode of First Take, Stephen A. Smith read a text that Michael Jordan allegedly sent him early that morning, who denounced Curry as the best point guard and bestowed that honor on Magic Johnson. “Although greatest of […]

Michael Jordan is already a billionaire, but he pocketed several billions more in the sale of the Charlotte Hornets. The deal was finalized Thursday. Although his 13-year tenure as majority owner didn’t result in a championship or much success, he was the sole Black majority owner in the four major sports. Jordan’s investment in the […]

No, you weren’t in a dream; Larsa Pippen really is dating her ex-husband’s teammate Michael Jordan‘s son. The couple has been going strong since going public with their relationship in January and may have hit their first hiccup and like most couples it came from one of the parents. Michael Jordan was recently caught leaving […]

If you learned one thing from The Last Dance documentary, it’s how amazing a trash talker Michael Jordan is. It turns out the GOAT is still roasting on the court, even when it comes to getting up some shots with potential draft picks. Alabama product Brandon Miller shared some interesting information from his pre-draft workout […]

Michael Jordan may already be a billionaire, but he’s about to run up another check. The GOAT has officially found a buyer for the Charlotte Hornets. In March, News broke back that Jordan was shopping around the majority stake of the team that he originally purchased in 2010 from BET owner Robert L. Johnson. Jordan’s […]

The feud between Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan has entered another chapter. Known as one of the best duos ever to touch the hardwood, the two haven’t had the best relationship as they’ve grown older. One of Pippen’s biggest gripes is that he was considered Jordan’s sidekick during their two 3-peat wins instead of an […]