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50 Cent Loses "in Da Club" Remix Appeal, Rick Ross Trolls Him On Instagram

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

In a very rare occurrence, it was 50 Cent who was on the receiving end of trolling.


Rick Ross and 50 Cent have been beefing with each other for years. One battle has been ongoing in the courts for 5 years. The two Hip-Hop titans have been going at it in court over Ross’ use of 50 Cent’s smash hit “In Da Club” on his 2015 mixtape Renzel Remixes. Unfortunately for 50, the court sided with Rozay stating copyright interest belongs with the label handing Curtis a loss.

The Biggest Boss didn’t waste no time rubbing his victory in the face of 50 Cent on social media hopping on his Instagram account to take a victory lap. In one IG story post, Ross wrote, “My 3rd @50cent lawsuit I laughed at,” and then ending it by merely stating “the biggest.” In another post, Ross can be seen holding a black bottle of his Luc Belaire Rose champagne next to his head saying “Aye, hold that thing up high like this and I’mma consider that for your lil’ show, man. But you gotta hold it up right there.” To add insult to injury, he captioned the post “He who laughs last, laughs the loudest.”

In one more post, Ross even offered 50 a job allowing him to become the face of his champagne brand,  “This is a big opportunity for Curtis. This is the fastest-growing champagne in the business. Spirits. Luc-Bel Air.” We know that ain’t happening because the “Many Men” rapper has his own liquor that he continually pushes Le Chemin Du Roi champagne in ALL of his posts.

It’s apparent this beef isn’t going to die no time soon. You can peep Ross trolling 50 below.

Photo: Prince Williams / Getty