Clark County, Nevada Hosts Policing And Race Summit Moderated by T.I.

Source: Ethan Miller / Getty

T.I. has some advice on how folks should spend their government assistance during these uncertain times. 

Calling attention to those folks who might be spending their money on expensive clothes and jewelry, the Atlanta rapper advised his followers to spend their cash on land instead. In a clip posted to his Instagram, he said “We were just in the studio having a discussion and I just feel the need to share it. All y’all getting that money from the government … all that PPP, SBA … ain’t no more Cartiers, it’ ain’t no more Louis Vuitton — go get you some property, please. Please y’all, go buy some property.”

When LLCs are brought up, T.I. says those can be too complex and advanced and doubles down on his property advice instead. “It could be a patch of dirt, bruh. Go to your hood and find — it ain’t gotta have no house on it or nothing. Just buy it. Just buy it and hold it, you dig what I’m saying? Now that’s it. I done told you. Can’t say you didn’t know,” he said before ending the video.

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