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T.I. Call For All People of Color To Participate In "Blackout2020Day"

Source: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz

It’s time for action!


Atlanta rapper T.I., who is very vocal when it comes to social justice issues, is calling for action following the fatal arrest of George Floyd. The “Trap Music” crafter took to his Instagram account and urged his 12.4 million followers to participate in “#BlackoutDay2020.” On July 7, which has been designated the day for the call-to-action to take place, is asking all people to not spending a single dollar as a form of economic protest.

“We need one day of solidarity in America when not one black person in America spends a dollar. This includes Africans, Native Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics…ALL people of color. Together we have 3.9 trillion dollars in economic spending power. That’s $10,684,931,506.80 it’s going to cost per day next time a person of color gets shot!”

Since T.I. announced the protest, it has gained plenty of traction on social media. Juicy J also shared the call to action urging people to get involved.

The website for the #BlackoutDay2020 breaks down the movement and what is being demanded:

“This movement is an awakening of the national consciousness of black people in America and abroad. We need economic solidarity in America amongst all black people unequivocally. In order to break free from the chains of financial servility, we will organize days, weeks, months, and years if necessary when not one black person in America will spend a dollar outside of our community.”

“Our ASK is that we stop being shot down in the streets. Our ASK is that racist legislation be purged from the books, and the cancerous ideology that this country was founded upon be rooted out. Our ASK is that we have equal opportunity to access funding so that we can conduct business and practice group economics amongst ourselves. Our ASK is that we are allowed to build our own communities and industries and be left alone. Our ASK is that you stop murdering our leaders when they attempt to unite us as a people.”

No lies detected.

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Photo: Bernard Smalls / @PhotosByBeanz