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He Shoots She Scores

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The trio of Jada, Bruce and Hoodie Beanz are back for the fifth installment of He Shoots, She Scores and A Side of Beanz.

This week we touch on Jemele Hill’s suspension, whether she should come back to ESPN and why she was even suspended in the first place. Beanz and Jada wax poetic about the Yankees coming through in the clutch, winning the Wild Card and beating the Cleveland Indians 3-2. Bruce struggles to even remember Didi Gregorius’ last name and comes to the realization that the New York Giants’ season might be done for with the receiving core’s injuries— especially Odell Beckham’s broken ankle.

Does Beckham still have the potential to be the NFL’s highest paid player, or does he have to show and prove now? We talk that and a few bonus topics in this week’s episode. Take a listen below.