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Los Angeles Clippers v Dallas Mavericks - Game Six

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And just like that, the NBA Bubble playoffs are even more interesting.

First, the Miami Heat destroyed the most winningest team in the Giannis-led Milwaukee Bucks while Jimmy Butler ran a coffee selling side business. And now, the Los Angeles Clippers have been booted from the bubble after failing to knock off the Los Denver Nuggets. If you’ve been on social media at all within the last 12 hours, you can understand just how shocking it is for all NBA fans. Since Kawhi decided to leave the Toronto Raptors and team up with Paul George, it was assumed that the 2020 Western Conference Finals would be between the Clippers and LeBron James’ Lakers to figure out who was really the king of Cali.

But after the All-Star break, things began to change. The coronavirus hit, and newly meshed teams were forced to part and lose the growing chemistry, retreating back to their homes without access to their top tier trainers and gyms that they were used to. Suddenly, no one knew if or when the league would return to play as players struggled with conditioning and wondered how the delayed offseason would affect their bodies. After the Bubble was announced, we got to see how quickly players were able to adjust to gameplay once again as the undefeated Phoenix Suns were booted from Florida, and Dame Lillard continued to dominate.

Teams like the Lakers and Clippers were expected to weather the storm because well, LeBron is LeBron and Kawhi was able to win two rings in both conferences fairly quickly. However, things fell apart when the Silent Killer and Paul George just couldn’t hit their shots. And as you know, nothing makes Twitter happier than getting jokes off when someone is down and out.

Peep some of our favorite reactions to the Clippers losing Game 7 against the Nuggets below. Better luck next year, Playoff P.

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