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Apparently, Jimmy Butler grasped the basic concept of supply and demand during his time at Marquette University.

Despite bringing in a cool $32 million this year, Miami Heat Forward Jimmy Butler has started his own side hustle inside the NBA Bubble, officially known as the NBA Campus with the introduction of his new venture called Big Face Coffee.

Oh, and his agent is in on it, too.

Butler is charging a mind-numbing $20 for a cup of coffee, but when you consider that coffee options are probably limited inside the bubble, I guess it makes a bit more sense. Notice that Butler makes his customers, who likely double as either his teammates or his competition, feel they are getting a deal by charging one price for all sizes. So it may be safe to say he paid attention to some marketing classes as well.

I’m not a big coffee connoisseur, in fact, I seldom indulge in the drink. But if Butler can make all of those drinks with his French Press that he brought in as a personal item, then I’m disappointed in the entrepreneurial instincts of the other players in the bubble.

This kind of hustle is reminiscent of the kids back in high school who’d walk around selling candy. So you’ve gotta respect the hustle.

The 30-year-old recently spoke to ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, and not only does he believe that the Heat can win it all this season, but he explained how he got into the coffee business and the future of his business endeavors.

“I’m working on my coffee skills. After my career, I’m opening my coffee shop. I’m charging $20 a cup, so if you want some, come through. … You can’t get coffee nowhere here! So I might bump it up to $30 a cup, people here can afford it.”

Jimmy Butler and his coffee stand will be closed for at least part of the day today as he, and his Miami Heat are taking on the Indiana Pacers in Game 1 of the playoffs today.