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Dwight Howard was one of the first people to truly try to embrace everything that was happening for the players in the NBA bubble. Remember the video when he was at the “pool party” the NBA first put on when players arrived inside the bubble and quarantine was over?

Dwight was the only person there for the party.

Well, that was two months ago. And now, Dwight Howard is admitting that it’s tough to be in the bubble right now.

“There’s really nothing to do, if I can be honest with you, there’s nowhere to go, there’s no way to release anything,” Howard told reporters Wednesday. “Any feeling that you might have, it’s just like we’re stuck.”

Howard admits it’s gotten a bit easier now that he has his son in there with him, but still noted “it is extremely difficult, being in a location I can’t get out, can’t see family, friends. You just in the hotel. So that is very difficult, seeing the same walls every day. But at the end of the day … can’t allow it to really affect us too much, but it is extremely difficult.”

Howard is far from the only player to admit the bubble environment is weighing on him. Before being ousted by the Denver Nuggets, Paul George admitted he was in a dark place mentally right before the playoffs started.