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Big News

Frank Ocean threw a vogue-themed ball for his 30th birthday this weekend, and we can’t get over this video clip of everyone’s favorite elusive lothario working the hell out of the runway. According to The Grape Juice, everyone from Adele to Tyler, the Creator were in attendance. Below, Ocean struts in bold red t-shirt and fitted glittery pants. He. Better. Work.

Big Lies

Roger Stone has been suspended from Twitter after lashing out at Don Lemon and Charles Blow. In case you missed it, the Republican adviser came for the reporters—who have both been unapologetically critical of our current commander-in-chief—via Twitter on Friday. In his tweets, Stone refers to Lemon, who much of his foul-mouthed chatter was directed toward, as “a buffoon,” “a dull-witted arrogant partyboi,” “fake news,” a “dumb piece of shit” and “dumber than dog shit.” In another tweet, he calls Blow an “arrogant fake news piece of shit.”

While Stone reportedly told BuzzFeed he’d be suspended “for 3 hours and 12 minutes” because “the stark truth offends some people,” word has it his suspension is permanent.

Big Facts

Trump’s approval rating has fallen to its lowest level since he took office, a new Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll reveals. According to the poll, 45’s rating now stands at 38%, which is a five-point drop from September. 58% say they disapproved of the way he’s handled his presidency thus far. In more water-is-wet news, no one is shocked.

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