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Soccer Player Marcus Rashford at 2016 Manchester United Player of the Year Awards

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Manchester United star Marcus Rashford is teaming up with Burberry indefinitely and it’s for a great cause.

The 23-year-old soccer player, who’s been very vocal about his aspirations to end child hunger, has officially signed on as a winter ambassador for the luxury brand. In line with the exciting partnership, Burberry announced several new philanthropic ventures.

From GQ:

“In addition to its continued support of FareShare (a charity which aims to provide some 200,000 meals to the poorest British children, which will be distributed across 11,000 charities and community groups across the UK), Burberry also plans to work with other charitable ventures in London and Manchester. In London, the brand – which is best known for its world-beating trench coats – will work with London Youth to provide some 15 youth centres with grants to help young people in the capital’s most deprived communities. In Manchester, Burberry is supporting Norbrook Youth Club and Woodhouse Park Lifestyle Centre, two youth groups frequented by Rashford during his childhood in the Northern capital.”

Soccer Player Marcus Rashford Plays Against Arsenal At Old Trafford on November 1, 2020

Source: PHIL NOBLE / Getty

Burberry is also contributing to the Asian-focused Global Youth Resiliency Fund, as well as Wide Rainbow in NY — initiatives that focus on food security and providing arts to underprivileged children, respectively.

“One day you will have a lot of things you never dreamt of owning, but never forget that stability and consistency are two of the most valuable things you will ever experience,” wrote Rashford in an open letter sent out by Burberry, according to GQ. “The youth centres that you visit today on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday will prove to be central to all of the greatest gifts you receive in life – your friendships, your discipline, your respect, and compassion for others.”

Salute the young king.