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Kanye West Concedes Defeat On Twitter, Says He Will Run Again In 2024

Source: Neil Mockford / Getty

We still don’t know who will sit in the White House when it’s all said and done, but we know for sure that it won’t be Kanye West


Kanye West and his political affiliation, the Birthday Party, will have to wait. The rapper and sneaker peddler conceded defeat after failing to get 0.5% of the vote in state and announced he will back to harass us in 2024. On Twitter, in a now-deleted tweet, the mogul wrote,  “WELP KANYE 2024″ after he shared earlier that he voted for the first time and his casted his ballot for himself, of course.

We didn’t expect Ye to make a dent in the 2020 presidential race due to its importance and how much was at stake. Plus, no one wants to waste their vote and give Trump another four years. But if he can walk away with any silver lining from his bootleg bid for the White House, statistics report that West received close to 60,000 votes. A good portion of those votes, 10,195 to be exact, came from the state of Tennessee, so at least he knows where to begin his 2024 campaign.

We are shaking our heads at those 60,000 people who actually voted for this man. Kudos to them for exercising their right to vote, but seriously? Kanye West?

Not even Kanye’s best bud, Kid Cudi, voted for him. West’s Kids See Ghosts collaborator announced on Twitter he pulled the lever for Joe Biden. Not sure who his wife, Kim Kardashian West, voted for, but she definitely let us know that she did, in fact, vote.


We genuinely hope that someone tells Kanye West to not even waste his time in 2024.

Photo: Neil Mockford / Getty